Visiting Committee

A Visiting Committee spends three days with the school community after review of the Self Study document. During the three-day visit, the Committee visits classrooms, investigates the written evidence of responses to the WCEA criteria, holds interviews with the members of the school community, and prepares a written report on its findings. The Visiting Committee also writes a recommendation of an Accreditation Status based upon factors relative to the school community’s successes and growth needs.  This report and recommendation is given to the WCEA Commissioner.  In May of each year, the full WCEA Commission reads the reports and recommendations and votes for an Accreditation Status for each school.

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Elementary Visiting Committee

Full Visits

Confidentiality Statement (53K)

ISL Visiting Committee Manual (602K)

ISL Report of Findings (110K)

ISL Justification Statement (98K)

For Fall 2018 visits only: ISL Accreditation Status

For Spring 2019 visits: ISL Accreditation Status Rev 10-2018

Live E3 Webinars

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January 10, 2019 1:00 pm PT

Recorded E3 Webinars

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ESS Pilot PK-12 (Other Configurations)

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Resources for Visiting Committee

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